┬áThere’s a reason I move to Tennessee from the great white north… well… one of several reasons.


When I was kid, I loved it. Building snow men, erecting igloos, tunneling through the deep ditches outside our rural Wisconsin farmhouse. But, when I became an adult, my infatuation with the snow disappeared quickly. No longer was it my father clearing the snow away. Now that job fell to me. Snow quickly became a time-suck that chewed up a big chunk of my spare time… not to mention the giant heating cost that came with the season.

Still, sitting here trapped inside our home for the past three days, has given me time to reflect on the positive side again.

I have thoroughly enjoyed gazing up the woods on the hill behind our home. The snow always makes everything so fresh and clean. It really doesn’t take long, after popping open the news on my tablet, to feel like this world is overrun by filth. It’s for this reason that I rarely read the news. Ten minutes on any news source and you can easily sink into a sense of hopelessness, wondering how people could be such horrible creatures.

The cleanness of the new-fallen snow renews my knowledge that there is also good in the world. It reminds me that negative news sells, and that there are wonderful people doing wonderful things that just never make the headlines.

There is another positive that has come as a result of the lengthy exile to the house. My wife and I have had a great deal of time to spend together talking and just enjoying each other’s company.

Often we get so busy running around doing the things that need to be done, that we don’t get a chance to discuss how things are going or our relationship as a couple. This past several days we’ve discussed how we could better help our church achieve it’s goals, what we can do to best continue contributing to our children’s hopes and dreams, and… yes… the next steps we can take to make our marriage even better than it already is.

When life hands you lemons make lemonade, and when life hands you snow… Slow down a little bit from this rat race of a life we live and enjoy thing things that are truly important in life.