I have always been fascinated by languages. Whether they're human languages, like the ancient Greek and Hebrew that I've studied, or computer languages, I've always been enthralled. 


Shortly out of college, the internet was beginning to gain traction. I was working with a summer camp every year and was disappointed by the fact that the teens loved being together for the week of camp but after that they didn't see each other the entire year. I started a non-profit 501c(3) and began coding my first website (this was 1993). I learned html from the ground up before there were any boot camps or YouTube videos. 


I was also there for the advent of CSS. When the internet started to gain popularity I knew it was going to be big. When CSS hit the scene, I knew the number of websites was going to grow exponentially fast. It was so amazing to be able to make one change on a single style sheet and change the style of all my pages without coding each and every page. 


I don't have as much experience with PHP hard coding because I had begun to leverage content management systems like WordPress. Content management came with pre-built PHP so I simply had to edit where necessary to gain the visual effect I was seeking. 


My newest interest is Python. I stumbled across Python when investigating data analysis and am very impressed with the versatility it has. It seems to do a good job with data analysis while, at the same time, it has the ability to do so much more. 

I'm still in the learning process with Python. I've learned how to do data analysis with it (courtesy of my IBM Data Analytics certification) but haven't learned much beyond that. 


I learned R coding from my Google Data Analytics certification. I'm impressed with the focus R has on data analytics but it isn't as versatile as Python. I'll probably continue learning R but I find Python more generally useful. 

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