I have always been an observer of both people and processes. I love analyzing the current situation and looking for ways that it can be made better. 


When studying for my BA in Pastoral Leadership I quickly found that I was very interested in improving on how things are currently done, and leveraging data in an effort to do so. In my spare time I worked with the college president studying city demographics with the intent of helping churches better understand the people in their communities so they could better serve the community. 

Statistical Analysis

I began to dig deeper into analysis with an online community that my brother and I started. GreenBay Packer Nation was a place where Packer fans could gather and talk about the team. Prior to any meaningful effort by the NFL (or anyone) to provide statistics to fans, I was gathering the statistics I could find and making predictions about the upcoming game based on those statistics. 

This hobby led me to pursue more data analysis in my job at Citi. I worked my way into an Executive Response Specialist role where I was gathering data and assembling it into reports with recommended actions that our Business Analysts would implement.  

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